We are Adhesive Specialists

  • STIX2 AND KOOL TAK products have been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the Scrapbooking and Arts & Crafts markets.
    The line includes high quality, acid-free, user-friendly double-sided adhesives that stick every time to just about anything from paper to glass to metal to wood and everything in between!
  • As a complement to our adhesives, we also carry a selection of beads, micro-beads and glitter in a variety of vibrant colors as well as easy-to-use and extremely versatile transfer foils to put the finishing touches on any artful creation.


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STIX2 Kool Tak Artwork

  • Welcome to our Creative Gallery. See how our extremely talented and imaginative Design Team artists have used the STIX2 – KOOL TAK products to capture their memories forever!
    It is amazing how a little STIX2 3D PVA GLUE and some glitters and foils can bring any creation to LIFE. ENJOY!

STIX2 Kool Tak Design Team