Uses for STIX2 Shiny Transfer Foil Set

* Can be used to decorate all kinds of double sided adhesives AND perfect for use with the STIX2 3D PVA glue with nib once the glue has gone completely clear.
* Ideal for use with Stix2 double-sided tapes and adhesive sheets, foam shapes, foam pads and even adhesive dots!
* Always apply dull side of the foil to the adhesive surface. The color will then transfer to the adhesive being used.

S57067 - Christmas
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Gold.

S57105 - Bright
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Peach, Aqua Green, Turquoise, Lilac and Pink.

S57106 - Jewel
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Emerald Green, Burnt Orange, Blue, Purple and Fushia

S57108 - Earth Tones
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Dark Brown, Cream, Copper, White and Black

S57109 -Vintage Tones
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Light Olive Green, Burnt Gold, Grey/Blue, Cream and Dark Brown

S57110 - Sea Tones
10 Sheets
2 Sheets of Turquoise, White, Light Green, Grey/Blue and Royal Blue..

S57111 - Just Gold
10 Sheets

S57112 - Just Silver
10 Sheets

Please Note

* Apply only to clean dry surfaces, free from dust, oil, grease, polish and moisture.
* Press firmly to ensure perfect bond.
* Recommendations are for guidance only, as conditions of use are beyond our control.